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The use and precautions of the wireless walkie-talkie
Release time:2022-06-30

Wireless walkie-talkies are mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railways, manufacturing, construction, service and other industries, and are used for liaison and command scheduling among group members to improve communication efficiency and improve the ability to respond quickly to emergencies. With the entry of walkie-talkies into the civilian market, people have begun to use walkie-talkies more and more when traveling and shopping. Today, the editor of Dongtaiyuan will take you to learn about it!

Routine maintenance of the walkie-talkie

1. After the walkie-talkie has been used for a long time, the buttons, control knobs and the casing will easily become dirty. Please remove the control knob from the walkie-talkie and clean the casing with neutral detergent (do not use strong corrosive chemicals) and a damp cloth. The use of chemicals such as stain removers, alcohol, aerosols or petroleum preparations can cause damage to the surface and housing of the radio.

2. Handle the walkie-talkie with care, and do not move the walkie-talkie with the antenna.

3. When accessories are not applicable, please cover the dust cover (if equipped).

Safety precautions for the use of walkie-talkies

1. On a car with an airbag, do not place the radio within the range that may be involved when the airbag is deployed. If the walkie-talkie is in the area that may be involved when the airbag is deployed, once the airbag deploys rapidly, the walkie-talkie may injure the occupants of the vehicle with a great impact force.

2. In potentially explosive atmospheres or occasions, unless the walkie-talkie is specially certified, the walkie-talkie must be turned off. In a potentially explosive atmosphere, electrical sparks can cause an explosion or fire.

3. Do not replace or charge the battery in a potentially explosive atmosphere. Installation and removal of batteries may cause contact sparks and cause explosions.

4. Before the blasting area and the area where the detonator is located, the walkie-talkie must be turned off to avoid possible explosion.

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