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About Us

Shenzhen Dongtaiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. It is a high-tech private enterprise engaged in the professional wireless communication industry. It mainly develops, produces and sells professional wireless communication equipment and accessories.

At present, the company is dominated by OEM/ODM, and operates its own brand Easycom public network walkie-talkie, analog walkie-talkie, digital walkie-talkie, walkie-talkie battery, charger, earphone, hand microphone, car hand microphone, power supply and other products, suitable for MotorolaKenwoodV-etex , lcom, HYT, Kirisun and other domestic and foreign brands of models. Products have been sold all over the world and have received high praise.

At the beginning of its establishment, it has adhered to the business philosophy of "technology-based, service-oriented", keenly grasping market trends, serving customers in an all-round way, and constantly improving and innovating.

Dongtaiyuan knows that the most important thing to achieve success is to ensure quality, prompt delivery, and considerate service to achieve customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction has always been our primary goal.

Looking forward to the future, Dongtaiyuan will adhere to the pragmatic style of "do things with heart and do everything well", use high-quality products and services as means, devote ourselves to honest management, focus on quality and efficiency, and devoutly conduct all-round cooperation with customers. Communication and cooperation, determined to become a professional wireless communication equipment service provider!

Company Culture
  • Quality policy

    Quality first, customer first, communication and cooperation

    Continuous improvement - take "quality, communication and collaboration" as the core values of the enterprise and employees;

    Customer first - grasp the needs of customers, establish a customer-centric corporate philosophy, continue to improve, and continuously improve the quality of products or services, in order to enhance the satisfaction of internal and external customers, enhance the market competitiveness of the company, and achieve the sustainability of the company operate.

  • Service purposes

    Quality first, service first

    Scientific management Innovative technology

  • General rules of management system

    Article 1: All employees of the company must act in accordance with these regulations. If there is a conflict between the factory regulations and national laws, the national laws shall prevail.

    Article 2: The territorial scope to which this regulation applies is the company's factory buildings and the places where the company's interests are involved.

    Article 3: The employees to which these regulations apply are the employees of the company.

    Article 4: These regulations shall be supervised and implemented by the Personnel Administration Department.

    Article 5: These regulations shall be implemented after the approval of the management representative of the company, and the same shall be true for revisions.

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