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What accessories does the walkie-talkie have?
Release time:2022-06-29

When it comes to walkie-talkies, everyone is familiar with them, and some people have even used them. In the case of no network, the walkie-talkie is very convenient to communicate with the other party, and there is no need to worry about the disconnection of the network. Therefore, we often see the police using the walkie-talkie to work, which can bring great convenience. So, do you really understand the walkie-talkie? Do you know what the walkie-talkie accessories are? Shenzhen Dongtaiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. has sorted out this problem, let's find out together!


1. Shell

Professional machines generally use the plastic material PC+ABS with very good performance, which has good appearance and gloss, is not easy to age and wear, and the product is durable; It meets the requirements very well; the buttons are made of silicone, which is wear-resistant and not easy to age.

2. Host

Generally, it includes face shell, PTT button, headphone and power jack plug, PCB assembly, LCD part, volume/switch button, coding knob, indicator light, MIC, etc. The PTT button acts as a transmitter switch, generally on the side. The indicator light indicates the working status, usually at the top. The top of the radio also has a volume/on/off button and an encoder knob (to select a channel). The PCB assembly is the core part of the walkie-talkie, and non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble it.

3. Battery

Batteries are divided into Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries with capacities ranging from 600mAh, 900mAh and 1100mAh. Lithium batteries are expensive and are still in the development stage. Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries are commonly used, and Ni-MH batteries are generally recommended for large-capacity batteries.

Charging should be carried out in an environment of 5~40 degrees. If this temperature range is exceeded, the battery life will be affected and it may not be fully charged at the rated capacity.

4. Belt clip

The function is to fix the walkie-talkie on the belt. For the convenience of customers, the belt clip is removable. The antenna is divided into two parts: the antenna jacket and the antenna core. The antenna jacket is made of high-performance TPU material, which has good anti-bending and anti-aging properties; the antenna core is generally connected to the host by a threaded structure, which is easy to disassemble.

5. Seat charger

Share with Huo Niu to charge the battery or the whole machine. The structure generally includes a DC socket, charging shrapnel, indicator lights, buttons, etc. The DC socket is connected to the fire cow, the shrapnel is connected to the battery pole piece, the indicator light indicates the charging state, and the button is used to discharge.


6. Antenna

① Only use the original or approved antenna. Unapproved antennas, modified or attached antennas may damage the radio or violate the regulations of the Radio Administration of the Ministry of Information Industry.

②When in use, do not take the antenna with your hands.

③The antenna of the walkie-talkie cannot be unscrewed, otherwise the power tube will be easily burnt out during transmission.

④Do not use damaged antennas. During transmission, if the damaged antenna touches the skin, it may cause minor burns.

The above 6 accessories are only a part of the list. A walkie-talkie must have many accessories, large and small. If you want to know more accessories, you can pay attention to this website. The editor will push relevant content for you in the next issue.

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